Laika's digital journal!

Hello! This is my public journal for me to write in every once in a while. Think of it as a weird little update page!
Don't expect frequent updates, though - I'll probably forget about it in a few days.


Long time, no update. 2020 has been an unbelievably shitty year. I won't go into it - it's the same shit everyone's been hearing about every day since March.

What I came here to write about, which no one else will really care about, is my cat. I know it's a little bit boring and cliche. Sometimes (well, a lot of the time), though, it really blows me away how clever and interesting she is. On a larger scale, it's so cool that animals were even domesticated at all. That was a good choice on mankind's part.

My cat is such a sweet and clever girl. It amazes me how well we're able to communicate nonverbally. She knows when I'm inviting her to sit with me, knows when I want to spend time with her and when I want her to leave. Even when I'm not consciously communicating with her, she's able to pick up on my body language and react to it. She'll follow me around the house, lay down in whatever room I happen to be in. When I need her to move, I don't need to push her; she already knows and gets up on her own. Isn't it an amazing thing to be able to connect with a different species?

Sorry that was a little boring. I just don't really know anyone who would be interested in hearing about that.

That being said, it's probably for the best that I head off for now. I'm in the middle of class, and we have a critique starting in a few minutes.



A lot has happened in the past 7 months, Jesus Christ. The decade's almost dead, finals are coming up, and I'm probably going to fucking die. Uhh, okay, what's new?

I've started my Junior year of college! It kind of sucks? My courseload is pretty overwhelming. We did have an art show, though, and one of my pieces won third place for illustration. I was supposed to earn prize money, but my college is kind of a wreck, so I don't really know if that check will ever get in. I don't really need it, and I was never expecting any money in the first place, anyways. Knowing my luck, it will probably bounce if I ever get it. Whatever. Also, I shaved my head.

Anyways, onto the end of the year talk! Less than a month left of the 2010s. This is going to be the first decade I'm witnessing the end of that I actually give a shit about - I was a baby in 1999, and I was, like, 10 in 2009. But this time, I was (debatably) conscious for most of the 2010s! How exciting. I think someday, I'll be nostalgic for this all the way I currently am about the late 90s/early 2000s - I mean, look at the design of this whole fuckin website. For now, though, I'm sort of glad it's on its way out. Maybe the 2020s will have more exciting things in store!

What were the defining moments of the 2010s? I can't even begin to comprehend what the fuck this entire decade even was. Remember Kony 2012? God, that feels like it was centuries ago. At least we don't have to deal with, like, Katy Perry now. What even happened to Katy Perry? It's like she released a few bad songs and then fell off the face of the earth. I guess it's common for pop stars to get their little bit of fame and then get swallowed up by the pop culture singularity, but it's so bizarre that she was all over the fuckin place just a few years ago. Why am I writing about Katy Perry?

I had a lot of ideas on what to write, but I'm kind of losing steam. Listen to Tire Swing by Kimya Dawson. Until next time, if there is a next time.


Another beautiful day today. Spring in New England has always been so beautiful. I love all of the native plants and animals - it's always so sad to see the local wildflowers get mowed down so people can curate their lawns. Luckily, we can't put down any weedkiller, so the worst my family does is mow the lawn. (It's still sad to see the dandelions and wild violets get cut down though!)

The ducklings have started growing their feathers, so we've been taking them outside more. They've been having a great time! We've been letting them loose in an unused garden plot, and there's lots of weeds for them to eat. I sat outside and watched over them for a while - they're still too young to be left unsupervised. It was lovely. There's been a pair of bluejays hanging out outside my bedroom window, and I caught them doing their thing while I was outside. For such huge assholes, they're really very pretty. I wonder if the two are a pair? I don't actually know jack shit about bluejays. It's that time of year, though, right?

Birds in general are really great. Being in the city is actually very exciting for me because the birds there let you get pretty close. Pigeons (real name: rock doves. Please respect them by calling them their real names) are very pretty birds! Seriously, where the fuck do they get their reputation for being 'rats of the sky'? They're great! Doves in general sound lovely to own - one of my friends has one, and he's a very cute and pretty bird. I love the noises they make. Of course, this isn't to take attention from the real MVPs - house sparrows. It's amazing how tiny they are! I see one and I'm like, fuck yeah! I'm sure my friends from college are real fuckin tired of me pointing out every house sparrow we see and being like, "Christ, look at that bird!"

We have a field trip to some galleries in New York tomorrow, so I'm sure I'll get to see plenty of cute birds. And, like, some art, I guess.