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Holy fuck this is so much harder to code than I expected.

Anyways, here's a few pages dedicated to my media-related interests! I have them organized by categories for no real reason other than the fact that I like to organize things. I don't really consider myself a fandom type of person, and you shouldn't take any of these too seriously. The point of all of this is to have fun!

Anyways, click one of the links to the left of the page to check out whatever I have up. Like the rest of this website, it's all a work in progress, baby!

Video Games

Yume Nikki

Oh boy. How do you describe Yume Nikki?

It's an RPGMaker game without much of a plot, instead focusing more on exploration. You play as Madotsuki, an isolated shut-in who spends most of her day sleeping. Throughout the game, you explore the various worlds that exist in her dreams. There's no clear goals, and the player is given very little direction. The result is a confusing, often frustrating game where you constantly get lost and have no real way of knowing what exactly it is you're supposed to be doing.

And you know what? I love it!

There's so much going on in this one game, I don't even know where to begin. There's just too much to unpack. I'm not sure if I could ever explain what it is that makes Yume Nikki so appealing to me - it's not everyone's cup of tea, and I get why. But I really respect how viscerally unsettling and weird the whole thing is. The atmosphere is great! I also really love how you can piece together bits and pieces of Madotsuki's life through the imagery in her dreams - everyone has their own theories on what her life is like, which I'm not going to get into, but the fact that there's still so much active speculation going on years after this game was produced really says a lot.

Yume Nikki was influential enough that it's spawned dozens of fangames. I haven't actually checked any of them out - if there's any you particularly like, feel free to namedrop it in the guestbook and I'll give it a shot!


Silent Hill

I can't help loving psychological horror with all my heart.

The earlier Silent Hill games are one of those rarities that deserves all of the hype around them. I don't think I could do them any justice by going over the plot, especially when the mystery of it all is part of what makes it so engaging. TL;DR watch out this town is fucked up!

I only have experience with the first 3 games + the PT demo (RIP), so I can't really speak for any of the others in the series. Judging by what other people have said, the later installments just aren't the same. Either way, Silent Hill 2 is one of my favorite games of all time. Like Yume Nikki, it still has its flaws, but the atmosphere, story, dialogue, and monster designs all add up to make a really great piece of horror. (Seriously, the cutscene with Maria in the prison still gives me chills.)

Other than that, Silent Hill 3 is also pretty great! Heather Mason is my favorite protagonist in the series. She seems like she would be fun to hang out with. The 1st Silent Hill is my least favorite of the three, but it's still impressive that some of those cutscenes still manage to look decent (see: Lisa Garland's death scene.)

If you're interested, Overanalyses on Wordpress has an excellent series going over different characters in Silent Hill, which you can check out here. I'd absolutely recommend it - it's really well done!

FAVORITE CHARACTERS: Lisa Garland, Angela Orosco, Maria, Heather Mason

Honorable Mentions:

Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Splatoon, Stardew Valley, Undertale

I love these games, but not enough to actually sit down and write much about them individually. I play most of them just to relax, though it's typical for me to wind up getting sucked in and marathoning them for a few days before I get bored again.


Under construction! (I don't actually watch enough shit to have a lot to say about it!)


OKAY. I don't know shit about music, so I'm only gonna bother actually writing about my biggest faves and just rapid-fire the rest of this shit. Godspeed


How could I ever write a music page without mentioning Mitski?

Mitski is probably one of my all-time favorite musicians. Her music means a lot to me! It feels like she's able to capture the full range of human emotions (depression, love, and cowboy) in her work like some kind of fuckin' "how are you feeling today?" chart. It's SO GOOD. Plus, her voice is just really pleasant to listen to. She seems like a lovely person to just hang out with for a bit.

My favorite album of hers is a tie between Puberty 2 and Be the Cowboy, but let's be real for a second and admit that every single one is real fucking good. I'm not even going to bother trying to pick a favorite song. You could put a gun to my head and threaten to shoot if I didn't pick a favorite and my last words would be some dumb shit like "UH UHH I BET ON LOSING DOGS HAS MORE EMOTIONAL IMPACT BUT NOBODY HAS SO MUCH GOOD STUFF HAPPENING IN IT--"

Lemon Demon:

Let's get fucking silly!

Lemon Demon is generally weird as fuck, but, like, it's definitely good. There's a lot to talk about, but I don't know if I can really get into it in a coherent fashion because it's 12:30 at night and when the melatonin hits in I feel no pain. Remind me to edit this once I'm a little more lucid.

Spirit Phone is one of those albums I really wish I could experience for the first time again. Usually when I want to try out a new album, I leave it on in the background while I do more important things and maybe check out one or two songs if they manage to catch my interest. Spirit Phone is so far the only album where I wasn't able to get shit done because I was so engaged with it. I wound up spending the whole night analyzing lyrics like the awful little man I am. It was a great time!

Favorite albums: Spirit Phone, Dinosaurchestra
Favorite songs: Angry People, Dinosaurchestra Part 3, Everybody Loves Raymond, Lifetime Achievement Award (jesus fuck that's a lot of songs)


Favorite album: Endless Fantasy
Favorite songs: Endless Fantasy, Prom Night

Caravan Palace
Favorite album: <|°_°|>
Favorite songs: Lone Digger, Star Scat

Daft Punk Favorite album: Human After All
Favorite songs: Digital Love, Human After All, Voyager

Favorite albums: Demon Days, Gorillaz
Favorite songs: Clint Eastwood, November Has Come, Slow Country

Green Day
Favorite album: Dookie
Favorite songs: Burnout, St. Jimmy

Mars Argo
Favorite song: A-Okay

Mother Mother
Favorite songs: Oh Ana, The Stand

My Chemical Romance
Favorite album: Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys
Favorite songs: Kill All Your Friends, Na Na Na, Party Poison, Zero Percent

Studio Killers
Favorite song: Friday Night Gurus